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Summary0000001: Delimited Identifiers
DescriptionWe have a need for a code smell that identifies when a developer uses double quotes (“ “) within any SQL statement.
• Using SQL.Statement class:
Set stmt = ##CLASS(%SQL.Statement).%New()
Set query = "Select Val1, Val2 FROM Table WHERE Val1=""SomeCondition"""
• Using embedded SQL
&SQL(SELECT Val1, Val2
                INTO :val1, :val2
                FROM Table
                WHERE Val1=”SomeCondition”)
• Ideally these should be :
Set stmt = ##CLASS(%SQL.Statement).%New()
Set query = "Select Val1, Val2 FROM Table WHERE Val1=’SomeCondition’"
&SQL(SELECT Val1, Val2
                INTO :val1, :val2
                FROM Table
                WHERE Val1=’SomeCondition’)
The use of delimited identifiers causes the first condition to error because you cannot use a double quote in SQL.
This may need to be a opt-in (manually turned on) code smell but it would be helpful for our team.
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